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We explore Seattle everyday, finding YOU fun things to do and great places to eat, so you can fall in love with the city that we love.
Today’s Episode: IKEA Shopping in Renton

* If you are new to the big city, and just getting started, IKEA may be the perfect place to shop for furniture at.

* There are ample choices, especially with all the gorgeous display rooms available in store.

* Plus, prices are reasonable.

* Seattle is a fun, young tech city, and perfect for transplants; but, it is also very expensive.

* If you have just moved here, and are looking for affordable furniture to get started with, IKEA may be a great choice.

* The nearest IKEA from the city of Seattle is in Renton; and, it is a HUGE facility.

* Today, let’s explore what IKEA in Renton has to offer.

* We hope you like our video.

More info on IKEA In Renton WA – Nearest IKEA fr City of Seattle [Explore Seattle]

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