How to become a fashion model (and eat McDonalds!) Pt 1

Meet model Morgan White! (
On this episode of “McModels” we dive into understanding the difference between Commercial and Editorial modeling, and discuss the importance of finding the right agency and market that will represent you the best.
If you’re interested in becoming a fashion model or just plain curious about the industry – then you’re in for a treat! My recurring segment “McModels” takes a deeper look at a working models life, real valuable advice, tips and stories, all while eating fresh takeout from McDonalds #Mukbang anyone!?

Name: Levi Sawyer
Profession: Fashion Stylist
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Fave hobby: Laughing endlessly with friends, hypothetical humor, oh and creating too.
Zodiac: Taurus
From: Honolulu, Hawaii and Seattle, Wa!
Intro music “My Style”: by my buddy Sam Barbera
All other music by
Content shot on Canon M6

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