How I Spent the 4th of July | Seattle Travel Vlog

i spent my 4th of july vacation in seattle to explore the city and mountains with my friends! click SHOW MORE for more info! ⬇

🎶 music:
↳ christine kim:
↳ dyalla:
↳ lakey inspired:
↳ leviathe:

👍 more seattle content:
↳ megan’s seattle vlog:
↳ dearsaturdays seattle city guide:
↳ dearsaturdays fried chicken sandwich recipe:

📍 food/places:
↳ homer:
↳ il corvo:
↳ fremont bowl:
↳ kedai makan:
↳ spinasse:
↳ mt. rainier airbnb:

💛 friends:
↳ christine aka dearsaturdays:
↳ megan: and

📱 follow me:
↳ instagram:
↳ twitter:

🎥 production:
↳ iphone x
↳ canon eos m6 + 15-45mm lens: *
↳ final cut pro x:
↳ mini tripod: *

*this is an affiliate link.

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