Hello Kitty’s Friends Around The World Tour – Seattle, WA

Hello Kitty is a famous fictional character created by the Japanese company Sanrio. While there is no official Hello Kitty-themed attraction or store in Seattle, there are a few places where Hello Kitty fans can find merchandise and experiences related to the character.

One such place is the Sanrio store in the Westlake Center mall in downtown Seattle. This store carries a wide selection of Hello Kitty merchandise, including clothing, accessories, toys, and stationery.

Another option is the Uwajimaya supermarket, which has several locations throughout Seattle. The store carries various Japanese products, including a large selection of Sanrio merchandise featuring Hello Kitty and other characters.

Finally, several cafes and bakeries in the Seattle area offer Hello Kitty-themed treats, such as Hello Robin Cookies and The Flour Box’s Hello Kitty Macarons.

While there may not be a specific Hello Kitty attraction in Seattle, fans of the character can still find plenty of ways to indulge their love of all things Hello Kitty during their visit to the city.

Hello Kitty World Tour

Sanrio, the company that created Hello Kitty, has organized a Hello Kitty World Tour, a traveling pop-up experience featuring interactive exhibits, photo opportunities, and merchandise for sale.

However, the specific dates and locations for the Hello Kitty World Tour are constantly changing and may not always be available. It’s best to check the Sanrio website or social media pages to see if a Hello Kitty World Tour event is scheduled in Seattle or another nearby city.

If there is no Hello Kitty World Tour event in Seattle, there are plenty of other options for Hello Kitty fans to enjoy, such as the Sanrio store and local cafes and bakeries offering Hello Kitty-themed treats.

In this super kawaii video, I adventure down to Seattle, WA, USA, to check out Hello Kitty’s Friends Around The World Tour! A Hello Kitty dreamland that takes you on a trip from her home in London to the colorful festival season in Tokyo and everywhere cute in between. Be sure to check out the tour for a city near you! -Desirée

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