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Highlights from the h.NAOTO Fashion Show at Anime Expo 2015, with special guest model Shinya of Dir en grey.

Join us for a flashback to the h.Naoto fashion show, at the Anime Expo in 2015, featuring Shinya of Dir en Grey. The crowd in attendance went wild for the dramatic costumes and designs by Naoto Hirooka, the most Avant-Garde fashion designer in Japan. Music on the runway was by Shinya of Dir En Grey, making for perfect fit and the most amazing atmosphere to enjoy this Japanese fashion show. Make sure that you attend Anime Expo 2017 so you won’t miss out on amazing experiences like this! This year will be full of live music and performances from your favorite Japanese and Anime pop culture icons right here at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Dir en grey’s North America Tour starts this next week! Check out their website for more info → http://direngrey.co.jp/tour/1981/

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Music: Uroko by Dir en grey
Edited by Jett Montoya

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