hey everyone, i’m back from my journey out west! i’ve made a little washington road trip VLOG to show you what i’ve been up to to create my next shironuri makeup look. before i left i got some bad news too…always ups and downs to life i guess.

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・ t r i p ・

as i mentioned earlier in this vlog, i intended to go out west to launch a new shironuri series, where i create a look based on my experiences and observations traveling somewhere new. i’d love to go to more faraway places in the future, but in the meanwhile i traveled to washington and yellowstone on the cheap by mostly camping, buying no souvenirs, and keeping eating out to a minimum. or at least i tried not to eat out as much…also i need to go on a diet for the next 7 years after how much i ate. good grief.

anyways, this isn’t my only destination this year. i plan on going to the east coast in december…wonder where i could be going?

see you soon!

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“Walking in the Country” – David Mumford
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“Prayers” – ninjoi.
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“Broken Fairy Lullaby” – Singto Conley
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“Fall” – JP Lukini
link: https://youtu.be/3i7eocznnXw


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