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The Historic Moore Theatre is the oldest operating theatre in Seattle. Built in 1907, the theatre has played a long and vital role in Seattle’s cultural arts history and the local music scene.

After 106 years, it’s time for a facelift. The FOREVER MOORE Campaign will:
Replace and upgrade all 1,800 seats (think comfort!)
Patch and paint the entire theatre and lobby
Make heating improvements to improve climate control (this is good for patrons and the paint)
Install a curtain system to enhance intimate performances. The curtain system allows STG to partition the theatre at will, enabling us to bring smaller productions to the stage, including those of local theatre companies (Balagan Theatre, for example)

To date we have raised 0,805, leaving ,195 to reach our goal. For more info or to make a donation please visit:

More info on Forever Moore – A Campaign for Seattle’s Oldest Operating Theatre

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