Check out the progress of We Make Seattle (a short film) – Celebrating the greatest city for entrepreneurs, creators & makers of all kinds.Producers Bryan Zug and Adam Baggett of Bootstrapper Studios | @WeMakeSeattle @bryanzug @berkun @whatnowexactly
GeekWire Summit 2013 – Seattle, WA | | @Geekwire
Pictures and video taken by Jolene Jang – provides onsite, real time reporting and video interviews about and throughout your event. @ConfReporter
All of these photos, selfies and videos were taken using the device Personal Camera Crew camera stick. Most of them were with a cell phone attached to the camera stick. Watch Personal Camera Crew Facebook Page for tons of ideas to how to use your camera tools. @GotCameraStick

More info on We Make Seattle Film – Update – Bryan Zug – #gwsummit

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