(SNi Universe film #2)

Nina is an optimistic 10 year old girl who sets out on an adventure to find the local crime fighting superhero “Omega Ghost” of Seattle, Wa and convince him that she’s the perfect sidekick. Unfortunately she’s unaware that on a quest to be a hero your forced to face your biggest fears and for a 10 year old girl that task may be harder then she anticipated.

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    set-piece: usually a self-contained, elaborate scene or sequence that stands on its own (i.e., a helicopter chase, a dance number, a memorable fight, etc.), and serves as a key moment in the film; in terms of production, it may also refer to a scene with a large set

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    Miranda Katherine Hart Dyke (born 14 December 1972), known professionally as Miranda Hart, is an English actress and comedian.Following drama training at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, Hart began writing material for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and making appearances in various British sitcoms including Hyperdrive and Not Going Out.. Hart reached a wider audience with her self-driven ...

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    Plot. Chili Palmer (John Travolta) is a loan shark based in Miami who clashes with mobster Ray "Bones" Barboni (Dennis Farina) over a leather jacket that "Bones" borrowed from Palmer without permission.They have two brief but violent confrontations, the first of which leaves Barboni with a broken nose and the second singes his scalp from a bullet from Chili's gun.

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