— Available for purchase May 31st —

This video was shot on set while creating our new short film ‘Polarity’ – https://youtu.be/iKPXcVqclL8

The Autel Robotics Live Deck is a wireless video output accessory for use with EVO. Quickly pair any existing EVO remote with a single button to gain access to multiple video outputs such as HDMI, USB and Ethernet. Live Deck transmits full 1080p HD video at 60fps up to 7km away, allowing you to stream live video at strategic monitoring and command locations. Live Deck connects to a standard TV, computer (Windows or Mac OS) and compatible iOS and Android devices. A great solution for situational awareness on a job site, rescue operation, commercial video shoot, or broadcast production.

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Special thanks to Hand Crank Films for helping on set and making this video possible.

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More info on In the Field with Hand Crank Films (Autel Robotics LIVE DECK)

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