Eric Salas 7 Day All Breed Handling & Grooming Symposium Seattle WA

7 Days with Eric Salas, guest speakers and your dogs in one of the most beautiful places on earth. This workshop is for anyone with a dog; companions, agility, rally, obedience, conformation, or just to create a lifelong bond. This workshop is for beginner to pro, for solving problems to just fine tuning. You will learn more in these 7 days about training dogs than most people will learn in a lifetime. Go to for more details!

Eric Salas is available to travel anywhere in the world or come to Eric Salas for private and group lessons. Eric Salas is available as a guest speaker and live demonstrations for any special event such as; Kennel clubs, dog shows, specialties, grooming shows, or animal behavior workshop and training.

Eric Salas has trained and turned around some of the most difficult dogs in the world using respect, kindness and posative training. Send your dog to Eric for fine tuning, inital training, social skills, motivation for the ring or to fix specific problems in or out of the ring.

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This is the most in-depth channel on creatively and efficiently Training to Handle and Groom dogs at a high competition level. See the latest techniques and the best products and tools available. The techniques taught in animal behavior will help every household.

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Eric Salas is available for Private or group training worldwide. If you want a career in dogs, would like to host a workshop in your area, or just want your companion to be a better dog, contact Eric Salas today at [email protected]

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