Driving from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR via I5

I enjoyed last night and most of today in Seattle. This is one cool town. I could live here, perhaps.
Next stop, Portland. Is it as weird as I’ve read? Looking forward to my visit. Use links to move from town to town.

Time Links:
00:00 – Downtown Seattle
05:10 – Federal Way
08:00 – Tacoma, WA
10:30 – Lakewood, WA
13:00 – Olympia, WA (exits)
17:44 – Chehalis, WA (exits)
19:20 – Marys Corner, WA
20:00 – Winlock & Toledo
20:34 – Vader & Ryderwood
21:55 – Castle Rock
22:50 – Lexington Bridge Drive
25:30 – Woodland & Cougar
28:00 – Vancouver
28:40 – Washington & Oregon State Line
28:50 – Portland, Oregon

My Sony HXR-NX100 rode shotgun on a tripod shooting at 4 fps. The tripod was held in place using bungee cords giving it I nice smooth feel, even on bumpy roads. I also used this same camera to shoot various scenes around the country, and to interview folks.

Original music by Nim Portakey and/or created by Pinnacle Studio ScoreFitter.

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