CHAT NEWS #7 is OUT !!! Are you curious to see what a SUCCESSFUL TINY HOUSE VILLAGE for the homeless looks like ?? In the midst of so much hope and questions surrounding Chico’s future “Simplicity Village” in Northern California, here’s one terrific example: “TRUE HOPE VILLAGE” in Seattle, WA. One of nine tiny house villages in the city, True Hope Village offers 35 tiny houses and common areas for shared amenities. It is managed by the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI – pronounced “lee-high”) that has been providing affordable housing throughout the Puget Sound for over 20 years. With a total of 60 locations of various kinds, LIHI has managed not only to house many hundreds of people but also to help them find employment and reintegrate into society. Their model has been particularly successful. To sum it up: TINY HOUSE VILLAGES WORK. Watch this video to see how.

More info on Do TINY HOUSE VILLAGES work to end Homelessness: LIHI’s TRUE HOPE VILLAGE in Seattle

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