Dave Matthews – 10/24/02 – Benaroya Hall – [Full Show/2-Cam/HQ-Audio/60fps] – Seattle, WA

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Dave Matthews Solo – October 24, 2002 – Bullitt Foundation Benefit – Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA

00:04:52 The Stone
00:12:20 Grace Is Gone
00:18:10 Crush
00:25:11 Loving Wings
00:30:01 Fool to Think
00:33:12 The Maker
00:38:05 Dancing Nancies
00:47:52 Where Are You Going
00:53:52 Too Much
00:58:55 The Space Between
01:04:52 Bartender
01:12:51 Gravedigger
01:17:15 Raven
01:22:30 Stay (Wasting Time)
01:29:50 I’ll Back You Up
01:34:17 The Song That Jane Likes
01:38:12 Funny How Time Slips Away
01:41:48 (Davespeak / Horse Story)
01:54:58 #41
02:01:45 All Along the Watchtower


Reworked from masters in 2018.

Film: Ethan Sinclair
Film: Ellis Dee (New/Hi8 Master)

First time far shot footage (by Ellis Dee) has been off the tape.

QTGMC (60fps Interpolation)
Color Match/Levels
Audio Replacement/Sync/RX-Minor
Keyframing/Video Mix

If you’d like to buy the official released audio of this show (part of the DMB Live series) you can do so here: https://davematthewsband.shop.musictoday.com/product/DMDD42/dave-matthews-benaroya-hall-seattle-wa-10242002

If you’d like to watch Ellis Dee’s “new” far shot source on its own (not mixed w/ any of the close shot) I’ve posted it on a side channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slgrHT7PWa0

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Compiled by @Copperpot5
-Oct 11, 2018

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