Date Night Outfit Ideas!

Surprise upload! Since Valentines Day is around the corner I came up with some outfit ideas that you could wear on a date night or formal event! I hope you enjoy the different approach with the editing in this video because as a content creator I love experimenting with my different styles! Leave me a comment letting me know which outfit I should wear to a fashion show! 😉 Let’s get this video up to 777 likes! 🙂

ALSO, Strociti from the Seattle Art Institute invited me to be a guest judge at their upcoming fashion show! With this opportunity, they allowed me to have a meetup as well! Be sure to look down below for more information about this flawless fashion show and the meetup! See you all there 😉

MEETUP + Fashion Show Info!
March 12th, 2016, 5pm @ The Motif Hotel, Seattle, WA
You will be able to get in for free if you are a high school student. Just bring your student ID! Ticketing information will be in the link down below if you would like to attend or meet me!

Tickets! ( General Admission if you are not a high school student)




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