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Featured Stories:
– TLDR: Could Renton become the next big tech hub of the Pacific Northwest? https://bit.ly/2CT4kw1
– Renton’s resurgence: Built on Boeing’s back, this city is poised for a tech boom in Seattle’s shadow https://bit.ly/2JtPVrq
– Inside Renton’s new STEM-focused elementary school that is preparing students to fill job skills gap https://bit.ly/2EUvtl2
– Counting votes: Inside look at how King County uses tech to tally ballots as voter turnout surges https://bit.ly/2SzUNzp
– GeekWire is hitting the road: We’re headed to Renton next week! https://bit.ly/2yAizTM

Editor’s note: The population from Renton doubled from 2000 to 2010.

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