CannaCon2019-Cannabis Technology-HUSTLE & GROW:Ep1

In this 1st episode of Hustle & Grow were going with Baylee Sweet as she takes us to Seattle, Washington for Cannacon 2019, CannaCon is an annual event that features the latest and greatest products and services that the cannabis industry has to offer. Baylee interviews Futurola about their new automatic joint roller, the knockbox which rolls 100 joints in 2 minutes, as well as the Futurola Shredder, which can shred several pounds perfect for making pre rolls in just a few seconds. Baylee catches up with Boveda about their new 58% 2-way moisture packs, and the 1 gram packs to keep for small amounts of cannabis fresh in jars for the retailers. NWsafe shows us one of their high tech safes being used in the cannabis industry that has a user log in, and cash drop cartridge. Taylor Made shows us high tech packaging machines that are used for labeling jars, and small cannabis packages. CurPod shows us their automatic burping machine that is used to burp the C02 out of the cannabis or hemp for the curing process.
We talk in depth about rotary evaporators, and short path distillation to Jackson from Cascade Sciences, who also explains how cannabis distillation works. Jackson goes through a number of different products they offer to make everything from THC & CBD crystals, isolate powders, almost pure cannabis distillates, the winterization process, and much more so sit back, take a hit and enjoy.

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