Beyond Clothing – Spring/Summer 2019

The Beyond Clothing ®️ team is in constant pursuit to engineer the most technical layering system to allow each of us to follow our passions. All footage was provided by BEYOND EXPLORERS, who are real professionals out in the field within their respective industry.

Credit (in order of appearance):
1.Tom Potter; Leavenworth, WA; Professional Mountain Biker & Paddler.
2. Jimmy White; Brisbane, Australia; Ph.D researcher, photographer, and wildlife conservationist.
3. Brant S.; Seattle, WA; Backcountry expert and professional mountaineer.
4. Mario Stanly; Dallas, TX; Professional Rock Climber & adaptive athlete coach.
5. Bert Sortin; Lexington, SC; Professional Backcountry Woodsman and thought leader.
6. Paul Clark; Bend, OR; Adventure and white-water SUP professional

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