Best Things to do in Seattle

Seattle is the true cultural hub of the Northwest. It has so many high quality museums and art galleries that truly express the city’s rich history and heritage. Check out the best art and museums Seattle has to offer in our article on the top 10 Art Destinations in Seattle.

seattle City - Atractions in seattle

As the northernmost city in the contiguous US and the largest in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a modern metropolis located in the midst of spectacular scenery of mountains, lakes and forests. Seattle is known for its relentless rain but also for its variety of outdoors attractions and things to do. Come here if you want to visit great museums, discover amazing wildlife and shop ’til you drop in hip shopping districts. Seattle is a wonderful tourist city with tons to do and great places to see. Here are the top 10 things to do while visiting Seattle.

Visit the historic Pike Place Market

If you’re visiting Seattle, the first thing you’ll want to do is visit the historic Pike Place Market, located near the waterfront. This open-air market contains nine acres of everything you need for a great time; fabulous shopping, fresh produce, friendly merchants, and a vibrant atmosphere. You can get anything you can think of; clothing, antiques, food, handmade crafts and incredible local art.

Visit the renowned Space Needle

The second thing you might want to do in Seattle is visit the renowned Space Needle. This structure is the most recognizable landmark in Seattle and is always featured in skyline pictures and movies about Seattle. Ride up the 540- feet tall Needle to get beautiful panoramic views of Seattle.

Smith Tower Observation Deck

Want to experience even more gorgeous views of Seattle? Then head over to Smith Tower Observation Deck which used to be the tallest building around before the Space Needle was constructed and later the Columbia Center. It will provide you with unparalleled views of the Seattle downtown and the historic waterfront area.

Coffee at the original Starbucks in Pike Place Market

Another thing to do while visiting Seattle is to go have coffee at the original Starbucks Coffee located in Pike Place Market. The venue still retains all of its charm from when it first opened in 1977 with its small space and plain traditional furniture. Just be prepared to wait in line; many people like to visit the original Starbucks and get a cup of java while in Seattle.

Visit the Museum of Flight

Another great Seattle landmark that is worth visiting is the Museum of Flight. This huge museum lets visitors explore the vast history of flight technology with an incredible collection of 85 aircraft from World War I, World War II and Air Force 1. There is so much to see, so set aside at least a few hours for this mind-blowing museum.

Check out the Bainbridge Island Ferry

Because of its unique geography, Seattle is a great place to take a ferry ride in, so be sure to check out the Bainbridge Island Ferry while in the city and get spectacular views of the downtown, the waterfront, and the surrounding mountains. As an added bonus to the beautiful ferry ride, visitors get to visit the Island of Bainbridge upon arrival.

seattle City - Atractions in seattle

Explore Downtown Seattle

If you’re visiting Seattle, then you’ll need to explore the downtown area with its unique architecture and historic buildings. Downtown Seattle is a great place to spend the afternoon with its numerous stores and restaurants. There are also statues of Lenin and Jimi Hendrix and coffee shops for which Seattle is very well-known.

seattle City - Atractions in seattle

Kerry Park is a wonderful place to start

You can’t come to Seattle without experiencing some of its great outdoor parks. Kerry Park is a wonderful place to start. It has got the best view of the Seattle skyline, day or night and it’s the best place to take pictures. It’s also a very romantic location and is a prime place for Seattle couples and teenagers.

Go on a light hiking trip along Discovery Park

What better way to explore Seattle’s beautiful scenery than by going on a light hiking trip along Discovery Park? There are numerous trails that will take you around this gorgeous park and provide spectacular views of Olympic Mountains, forests, the ocean and a lighthouse. It is also the best place to enjoy the sunset in Seattle.

Walk by Fisherman’s Terminal

Seattle is an important fish port and accounts for half of all the fish caught in the United States. Visitors should check out Fisherman’s Terminal. This is where Seattle locals like to come to get fresh fish and just to watch the lively activity of hundreds of fishing boats and vessels coming in and out. There are also several restaurants serving up great seafood dishes.

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