Best Seattle Shopping

Seattle is a fun town to visit with a lot of things to do and see. It is has stunning landmarks, beautiful wildlife, a vibrant downtown and waterfront area with a lot of historical charm. Seattle is also home to some great shopping districts. Head to Pioneer Square or the International District to get some of the city’s best shopping, or pop into Seattle’s premiere Pike Place Market.

There’s something for everyone: huge malls, wonderful stores, boutiques, and markets at prices to fit any budget. Confused about where to go shopping in Seattle? Check out this list of top 10 shopping destinations in Seattle.

Pike Place Market

The first on the list is undoubtedly Pike Place Market. This Seattle shopping hub is home to almost anything you can imagine and is a pleasure to just stroll around in even if you don’t plan to buy a thing. However, this might be difficult with the incredible assortments of arts, antiques, clothing, shoes and fresh fish and produce at great prices.

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Pacific Place Mall

If you’re looking for upscale brand names, then the Pacific Place Mall is the place you want to be. With its prime location in the downtown area of Seattle and assortment of shops and high end boutiques, you can’t go wrong. It also has a multiplex movie theater and great eateries.

Westlake Center

Westlake Center is another great mall located in the downtown Seattle area and is home to both national brands and local independent boutiques. It also has a good food court which draws in a lot of downtown office workers for lunch.

Downtown Seattle

The downtown area itself also offers a great shopping experience with shops such as Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, Betsey Johnson, Nordstrom, the Gap and many others stores adorning entire street blocks.

seattle City - Atractions in seattle

Pioneer Square neighborhood

For another great shopping experience, head over to the Pioneer Square neighborhood. Here you’ll find an assortment of open art galleries and many stores selling antiques, imported tapestries, rugs, and aged books. There are also unique shops that sell amazing clothing, jewelry, and shoes.

International District or ID

Not far from Pioneer Square is the International District or ID which is a wonderful place to go shopping and experience local Asian culture. Here you’ll find Japanese, Chinese and Pacific Islander boutiques, stores, restaurants, and cafes. ID is also home to Uwajimaya, a Seattle favorite supermarket that sells fresh fruit, vegetables, Asian foods and gifts. In addition it has a quality bookstore and a food court where visitors can savor Japanese, Filipino, Korean and other Asian cuisines.

Fremont Shopping District

If you’re into vintage, then the Fremont Shopping District is just what you need. The Fremont neighborhood is unique and was Seattle’s symbol of counterculture and rebellion, and still has a controversial statue of Lenin. It is sometimes referred to as the “People’s Republic of Fremont’ and the “Center of the Universe,” by local residents. It has great vintage articles and one of a kind shopping. It is a great place to experience local culture and get something that is uniquely Seattle.

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Queen Anne

Another hip neighborhood which offers great shopping opportunities is Queen Anne. This area has great clothes, jewelry and accessories stores and beautiful Victorian-style homes. It also has shops which sell great food, wine and household items.

University Village

Another awesome Seattle neighborhood to check out for great shopping is University Village right next to the University of Washington. Here you’ll find an open air shopping center with locally-owned boutiques and national chains selling home furnishings, fashion, and unique gift items among other things.

seattle City - Atractions in seattle

Bellevue Square

About eight miles away from the Seattle downtown area is one of the city’s best malls; Bellevue Square. It has over 200 stores of national chains and local boutiques. It also has large department stores, electronics stores, and specialty shops to fit your shopping needs and is a great place to spend an entire day.

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