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Here are the best things to do and places to see in the Pacific Northwest. We included the best hikes and attractions from Washington State and Oregon. There are endless places to visit and things to do in the PNW but these are just some of our favorites. Enjoy!

1. Oneonta Gorge Hike – Oregon
2. Vance Creek Viaduct (abandoned railroad bridge) – Washington
3. Cape Flattery – Washington https://youtu.be/HY7dT44lyYQ
4. Florence Sand Dunes – Oregon
5. Vista House (at the Columbia Gorge) – Oregon
6. PNW Bus – Eastern Washington
7. Mount Pilchuck Hike – Washington
8. Cougar (aka Terwilliger) Hot Springs – Oregon
9. Bandera Mountain Hike – Washington
10. Franklin Falls – Washington https://youtu.be/iFeUbFi1v5Q

You can find more pictures of all these places on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adventureslikethis

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