Busy schedules and Seattle traffic can take a toll on your dating life. We created the Seattle Dating App because we know Seattle deserves better.

How often do you match with someone across Lake Washington when using other dating apps? With the Seattle Dating App, you choose the neighborhoods you want to swipe in rather than setting a distance from your current location.

How often have you chatted with a match only to find out your schedules never align to actually meet? With the Seattle Dating App, you can set your availability and see other people’s availability before swiping.

The Seattle Dating App is the first dating app built specifically for one city. All of the app features have been crowd-selected by Instagram users in the Seattle community. We also packed in more free features than any other popular dating app.

Download the Seattle Dating App and start swiping now at https://seattledatingapp.com/download.html

Website: https://seattledatingapp.com
IG: @seattledating https://www.instagram.com/seattledating
FB: @seattledatingapp https://www.facebook.com/seattledatingapp

Production: Shokunin Media https://www.shokuninmedia.com/
Actress: @dating_in_seattle https://www.instagram.com/dating_in_seattle

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