We wanted to do a “Feel Good” Video last weekend and decided to go to a Liberal Bastion of Power to do it. “Free Hugs” has become synonymous with the Left and Liberals in general; so we decided to hijack the term to see what the reaction would be if Trump Supporters did the same thing. Capitol Hill DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

We were ASSAULTED FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES; including by A BOUNCER EMPLOYED BY A BAR IN CAPITOL HILL. My hat got stolen (we got it back though) and a Gangbanger threatened to (and I shit you not) “Shoot us if we walked around the corner” after he punched my Security Lead (Black guy in the beginning of the video).

Luckily we also met lots of good people who were not only willing to hug us but also debate politics in a CIVIL MANNER. Check out the video and tell us what you think :D.

#FreeHugPrank #MGTOW #TrumpSupporterAssaulted #SJWOwned





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More info on “ASSAULTED EDITION” Free Hugs from TRUMP SUPPORTERS IN SEATTLE!! || Social Experiment

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