A little girl is afraid of the wolf living with her in the house.

My 2nd year animation, called Amy.
Done in TVPaint.
Backgrounds done with waterpaint.

Music by Len Van De Laak http://www.myspace.com/lenvandelaak
Sound my Jannes Oosterwijk http://www.dehuysmeesters.nl

Shown at:
– SICAF (The Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival), Korea, 2010
– HAFF (Holland Animation Film Festival), the Netherlands, 2011
– M.I.F.F.F. (Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival), USA, Seattle WA, 2012
– KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, the Netherlands, Amsterdam, November, 2012
– Multivision festival (Aurora cinema hall) – as part of the KLIK-selection, Russia, St Petersburg, (Nov 2. 2012)

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