ALICE IN CHAINS (1989 – Sweet Alice Demos) Seattle [HQ 5.1-60FPS]

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Publisher Demos, April-June 1989, Seattle, WA

01. Suffragette City
02. Bleed The Freak
03. Social Parasite
04. We Die Young
05. Chemical Addiction
06. Sunshine
07. King Of The Kats
08. The Real Thing
09. Killing Yourself
10. Sea Of Sorrow
11. I Can’t Remember
12. Queen Of The Rodeo

Bootleg Info:
Each track on the original bootleg CD was recorded at too fast of a speed.
To correct this, I compared the version of Social Parasite from this compilation
against the one released in the Music Bank set since they both are from the same
source. By time-stretching the version from “Sweet Alice” by a factor of 1.0511,
I was able to match the timing of the Music Bank version. I then applied this
time-stretching factor to all other tracks … they sound much better.

CMR notes: Props out to whoever fixed the speed..Their alias was not included. I’ll be honest and admit that “Suffragette City” song really made me cringe. But I love most of these recordings.

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