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“The Day The Sky Turned Red” / “A Daze in Our Life”: The Movie 12/22/2019
This is part one of two. Thank you so much for watching #theJourneyVlog’s first movie [documentary]. This VLOG-style film is very magical and 100% authentic. We are a spiritually awake gay couple living in Seattle, WA. This day, 12-22-2019, was one of our most incredible “daze” of our lives.

Our day started with us, [Jax & Austin] trying to get crepes at Honré but they were closed. On our way to Café Javasti our HD video camera began to pick up something extra paranormal. We filmed it and what you see has no special effects added [at any time to this film]. Only the camera was picking it up – our world did not change visually to us.

After the world returns to normal on the camera we enjoy crepes at Café Javasti. https://javasti.com/
We ordered:
-Jax: Nutella & Banana Crepe with an Americano
-Austin: Fresh Ripe Strawberries & Cream Crepe with Eggnog

Next, we park at the University of Washington Station and board, what we believe is the monorail… turns out to be “the link” [light rail].
ROUND WAY from the University of Washington Station to Mount Baker.
On the way back, we stop in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District.
While we were exploring Chinatown, we visit:
New Century Tea Gallery: https://newcenturyteagallery.com/
Austin loves Lap Seng Sou Chong and Jax loves dumplings so they stop at
Ping’s Dumpling House https://www.pingsdumpling.com/
and share 2 Hot Buns [vegetable & tofu] w/ garlic sauce on the side.

Then we make a stop at Bahama Breeze to retrieve Austin’s wallet.
Bahama Breeze -[https://www.bahamabreeze.com/locations/wa/tukwila/seattle-tukwila/3035?cmpid=br:bb_ag:ie_ch:loc_ca:BBGMB_dt:20190131_sn:gmb_gt:tukwila-wa-3035_pl:locurl_rd:1018]

PART TWO: https://youtu.be/e8lV9_fmiBI

READ ABOUT THIS MAGICAL DAY: https://jaxowen.wixsite.com/photography/post/12-22-2019-that-s-a-lot-of-twos

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