When Executive Assistants Organization Seattle wants to learn how to build their teams with technology, they call Geoteaming. In this fun 2 hour event, teams used iPads with a customized Seattle course to compete with each other and learn valuable team and leadership skills. While I picked Team Boss to win as they were able to come to decisions quickly, it turned out they had too many leaders and not enough team players as the team fractured in the middle. Team Boom Babes on the other hand took forever with their team name but used attention to detail to be the key detail that led them to a win. Most of all, everyone had an incredible time as they explored famous Seattle and a jaw dropping sunset that shows the beauty of this city! For your Geoteaming team building experience, contact john at geoteaming.com.

More info on 9/29/2016 EAO How To Build Teams With Technology Seattle WA

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