7 Reasons to Visit the Pacific Northwest & California | Collette

Explore the majestic Pacific Northwest and California, from the wilds of Mount St. Helens and the Columbia River Gorge to the sophistication of Portland and San Francisco. Travel along Oregon’s beautiful Pacific coast.

Enjoy an elegant dinner cruise on the Willamette River and experience Portland’s dazzling city sights and city lights. Visit Redwood National Park. Explore Eureka, a historic timber and fishing village. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge and discover the “City by the Bay,” San Francisco.

Here are 7 great reasons to visit the Pacific Northwest & California:
1. Explore Beautiful San Francisco – [0:03] 2. Redwood National Park – [0:11] 3. Pike Place Market – [0:19] 4. Seattle Space Needle – [0:29] 5. Mount Saint Helens – [0:37] 6. Columbia Gorge Waterfalls – [0:44] 7. Breathtaking Oregon Coastline – [0:53]

Discover for yourself all the rare treasures that the Pacific Northwest has to offer…

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7 Reasons to Visit the Pacific Northwest & California | Collette

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