2/25/2018 – Similar Fashion

The Racer Sessions occur every Sunday at rotating locations in Seattle, WA. Each week features a performance from a different artist or group, inspiring an improvised jam session afterwards.

To learn more about this week’s presenter, visit: http://www.racersessions.com/blog/2018/2/24/similar-fashion-la-tours-new-album-through-hollow-earth-radio

Opening Set

Similar Fashion — Logan Hone (alto sax and voice), Lauren Baba (viola), Gregory Uhlmann (guitar), Jesse Quebbeman-Turley (drums)

Improv 1: Andrew Olmstead (keyboard), Luke Bergman (bass), Casey Adams (drums)

Improv 2: Jeb (drums), Tom Scully (guitar), Haley Freedlund (trombone), Nathie Katzoff (voice and autoharp), Ian (bass)

Improv 3: Devin (drums), Jeremy Gonzalez (alto sax), Gregg Miller (tenor sax), Noel Kennon (viola)

Improv 4: Evan Woodle (drums), Logan Hone (alto sax), Marçin Paczkowski (alto sax)

Improv 5: Jim Knodle (trumpet), Casey Adams (drums), Tom Scully (guitar)

Improv 6: Andrew Olmstead (keyboard), Nathie Katzoff (drums and voice)

Improv 7: Luke Bergman (bass), Jeremy Gonzalez (alto sax), Jesse Quebbeman-Turley (drums), Haley Freedlund (trombone)

Improv 8: Jeb (drums), Gregg Miller (tenor sax), Ian (bass)

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