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Holiday travelers encounter slowdowns as there were some minor collisions that the rain likely contributed to. Downtown Seattle was also quite busy, and looking festive for the holidays as pedestrians scurried about, some of the probably searching for their last minute gifts.

0-57 seconds: Multiple average 8 second in length travel shots of varying focal lengths and content. All of them in wet inclement weather.

58-1:03 Minutes: Seattle skyline, space needle while driving.

1:1:04-1:17 Minutes: Christmas tree at the base of the space needle, then a slow pan up the length of the space needle.

1:18-1:28 Minutes: The Macy’s Christmas Tree

1:29-1:35 Minutes: Pedestrians standing on wet street corner, some with umbrellas.

1:36-1:44 Minutes: Driving down festive looking street bustling with cars and pedestrians.

1:45-1:53 Minutes: Driving towards the macys infamous star.

1:54-2:11 Minutes: Another shot of the star

2:12-2:28 Minutes: Three separate shots of pedestrians walking with umbrellas in the rain.

More info on 12-22-19 Seattle, Wa – Holiday Travel Heavy Traffic – Festive Rainy Seattle

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