01-11-2020 Snoqualmie Pass, WA – Jackknifed Semi – Major Winter Storm – Traveling woes

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A huge winter storm is impacting the Washington State cascades, particularly Snoqualmie Pass. I-90 travels over this pass, and it has received over 2 feet of snow in just over 24 hours.

shot list:

0-16 sec features a jackknifes semi in heavy snow.

17-24 shows heavy snow falling, with multiple cars buried in a parking lot at the summit.

25-38 shows stuck 18 wheelers and vehicles causing bad traffic.

39-46 a wide shot of the jackknifed truck

47-52 man walking through over 2 feet of snow, with a completely buried car in the background.

53-1:06 more traveling shots showing stuck semis.

1:06-1:13 shot shows two 100% buried cars.

1:14-1:25 two shots of traffic driving around a stuck semi.

1:26-1:32 sign for the Summit at Snoqualmie with over 2 feet of fresh snow on top, and thickly coated trees.

1:33-1:39 tight shot, heavy snow, people getting gas

1:40-1:46 heavy traffic, chains required sign, terrible conditions.

1:47-1:53 another buried car

1:54-2:02 driving past a bunch of absolutely buried cars in heavy falling snow.

2:03-2:10 heavy traffic, heavy snow.

2:11-2:18 Snow plow next to semi

2:19-2:35, wide and tight snow plow shots

2:36-2:48 wide and tight snow blower shots, really deep snow.

2:49-2:55 shot of skiers and snow boarders standing in snow, in heavy falling snow.

2:56-3:01 skiers and snowboarders walking through heavy snow.

3:02-3:09 home owners driveway buried in snow, heavy snow falling, car stuck.

3:10-3:17 snow coated Seattle west sign, Ellensburg sign.

3:18–3:25 heavy snow, seattle sign.

3:26-3:34 heavy falling snow, big flakes.

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