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Seattle is a great place to visit and to live and work. Many people call Seattle their home and they love it. Once you visit Seattle you’ll see why. With all, there is to see and do it will become one of your favorite cities in America, too. It is a sprawling city covering over 200 square kilometers. There is lots of water in and around Seattle and it is framed by quite steep hills. With all the water there are lots of more

Seattle is a city in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States of America. The city is the largest in the area and it is located within the state of Washington. Seattle is situated close to the United States-Canadian border and it is home to a population of 573,000. The city was founded in the 1850s and named after Chief Seattle (named Noah Sealth), who was the leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish Native American tribes. The Great Seattle Fire destroyed the central business district in 1889, but luckily no one died. Although Seattle is famed for its rainfall, it actually receives less rain than many U.S. states, and the city is treated to a mild, pleasant climate.

Seattle is a bustling, modern city, which offers an abundance of attractions to suit all tastes. For visitors with an interest in art, Seattle is home to some wonderful galleries, not least the superb Seattle Asian Art Museum, the Seattle Art Museum, and the small but impressive Frye Art Museum. For those hoping to enjoy the city’s surprisingly good weather, the Ballard district features the beautiful gardens of the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks and the lovely beach at Golden Gardens Park. In the southern Rainier Beach district, visitors can enjoy the waterfalls, ponds, and streams of the 20-acre Kubota Garden.

Seattle is famed for its coffee culture; in fact, the city is the birthplace of popular coffee chain Starbucks. Visitors to the city are offered an endless supply of options when looking for a cozy café to people-watch and relax for an afternoon. Seattle is also famed for its vibrant music scene, which is centered around alternative and underground music. For tourists wishing to visit a city that mixes natural beauty with a lively culture, then Seattle is a perfect choice.

Be sure to enjoy the many cultural exhibits in the area, as Seattle is home to many artists and the city promotes the arts in many ways. If you love museums, you’ll enjoy the abundance of them in Seattle. You’ll have your choice of water sports to choose from so be sure to enjoy the Seattle waterfront while you’re visiting. Check out the Space Needle and Mt Ranier National Park so for something different explore them during your trip. You’ll even see a live volcano in the park. Bring your camera there are some great views you’ll want memories of.

If you are looking for a good hotel you can book Seattle Hotels here. There is a wide selection of hotels to choose from. If you read the different sections of this Seattle travel guide you’ll find lots of information on where to stay, sights to see, tours, museums, transport and so on so that you’ll be able to plan your trip and make sure your schedule includes all the things and places you want to see. Take advantage of the great Seattle Nightlife and wine and dine in the city, see the theatre shows and enjoy the great talent Seattle has to offer. You’ll love every minute of your stay in Seattle. Stay at one of the many Seattle Hotels offered in the area and enjoy a variety of amenities and excellent service. There are so many to pick from and we know your Stay in Seattle will be both pleasant and exciting. With all that the City of Seattle has to offer you it’s a trip, you won’t soon forget. So get busy and start planning to experience Seattle, it’s a city that welcomes you and hopefully, this Guide will give you the information you need.

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