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The Incredible Feast

The culture of nurturing a connection between food and table runs deep in Seattle. We have one of the largest networks of neighborhood farmers markets in the country. Some are year round, some are only during the summer; some are all produce, some feature local artists and businesses. All are a blast to wander through. On a sunny day, the neighborhood farmers market is jam packed with produce, kids, dogs, and laughs. It’s one of my very favorite ways to spend my weekend morning….

mango recipe

Champagne Mangoes

I suppose to classify this as a “farmers” market find is a little bit of a white lie, unless of course you live in Central Mexico. Then you will be able to find these gems at your local farmers market. For the rest of us, it’s off to Whole Foods, which is where I found them last week. I don’t care if they came from Mars, these mangoes are A-MAZE-ING.

They have a beautiful, smooth, thick yellow-orange-pink skin, and the flesh inside is smooth as butter. I have always liked mangoes, but these are different. They’re sweeter than your run of the mill mangoes, and the flesh is less fibrous, yielding a really smooth, fleshy meat that will make you want to bite right into them….

rhubarb recipe

Rhubarb & Orange Crumble

The saving grace is that this must be the ideal climate for growing rhubarb, because it’s everywhere! There’s one plot at my local P-Patch that is almost entirely consumed by the gorgeous ruby stalks topped with huge fan-like deep green leaves. Even in the early spring months when everything else looked sort of bleak in the garden, the rhubarb was going like gang busters….

seattle tulip festival

Tulip Festival!

I am consistently surprised (and a little bummed) that it’s not my culinary explorations that readers ask me about. It’s SUE!. That’s right. Apparently most of the Seattle Palate followers read it for the SUE! stories. I can’t say I blame them. The funny thing is that they don’t believe that she actually exists. It’s as if she’s intriguing like the Sasquatch, jovial like Santa, and benevolent like the Tooth Fairy – all wrapped up in a Vera Bradley bag-toting second grade teacher. As if I could possible conjure up such a character!…

german-butterball-potatoes recipe

Butterball Potatoes

I happened to be at my favorite produce stand, Sosio’s in the Pike Market, and the expert produce guys there turned me on to these German Butterball Potatoes. They’re small heirlooms with a firm skin and soft, buttery interior. Ok, NOW I like potatoes. These are by far the best spuds I’ve ever tasted.


Winter Minestrone Soup

I started making this particular version of minestrone last winter for a dinner party after I pulled the recipe out of Gourmet Magazine (RIP, Gourmet). It was a huge hit. It’s full of hearty wintergreens, and a huge bowl fills you up without producing a post-dinner Buddha belly that causes you to inconspicuously unbutton your pants. Luckily, this recipe makes a TON of soup which is a good thing because you will want to eat a huge bowl.


Red Pears

I have a confession to make: I buy produce because it’s pretty. No, really. Sometimes I’m so mesmerized by the way a piece of fruit looks at the market that 90% of me wants to buy it so I can stare at it on the counter for a few days, and only 10% of me wants to actually eat it. Is that weird? (I know, it’s weird.)…

chicken pot pie recipe

Chicken Pot Pie

This recipe sort of reminds me of SUE!’s Kitty Stew- seriously comforting, creamy, chicken-y goodness. You can certainly serve it on a piece of toast just like Kitty Stew, or you can bake it in a pie crust for a more traditional pot pie. You could even whip up some Bisquick biscuits and plop them on top before baking in individual crocks for a Chicken ‘n Dumplings inspired dish…