Lemon Cucumbers

Every Sunday afternoon that I go to the market, I feel like I won the lottery because SM found us a place to live so close to this little slice of heaven. Between the Veraci pizza, Patty Pan quesadillas, Anita’s nutella and banana crepes, Parfait’s Fresh Mint Stracciatella ice cream, and the absurdly huge $5 flower bouquets, strolling the market is the perfect way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon. (Guys: listen up – take your woman here, share delicious food with her, woo her with flowers. So chic, so PC, so thoughtful. You will win points.)

Oh, and one more thing, they have GREAT produce! I found these beautiful little lemon cucumbers this week and couldn’t resist grabbing a few to try. They are the most beautiful delicate green color, and perfectly personal-sized.

The first night I diced them up and used them in a green salad, and their light cucumber-y taste and texture was a lovely addition. They are a bit muted compared to regular hot house or english cucumbers, but when you take a bite the flavor stands out as a new layer in the salad. Delish.

The second night I sliced them into half-moons and fanned them out on a plate, sprinkled with a little kosher salt and pepper and drizzled just a bit of champaign vinaigrette over them and ate them up. I didn’t even use a fork. Fantastic little hors d’oeuvre to snack on while prepping dinner.

Lemon cucumbers have a short growing season, but you can find them in mid-August until the nights start dropping into the 40’s and it’s too cold for the plants. Enjoy!

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