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Steak-with-anchovy-butter recipe

Steak with Anchovy Garlic Butter

First, buy a nice piece of steak. Talk to the butcher at the grocery store and ask him what looks good. Let me tell you – butchers love to talk to customers. Can you blame them? They’re cutting up carcasses all day. I’d recommend a cut of steak that tastes like steak – such as strip or flank, instead of something milder like a tenderloin. You can use whatever preparation you like to cook your steak – pan roast, grill, broil, and while it’s resting you can whip up this accoutrement in a matter of minutes. The flavor profile is equal parts salt, garlic, and rich cream, and it balances a thick meaty steak wonderfully…


New Year’s Resolutions & Winter Vegetable Hash

I have food issues. Too much food is an issue. I lay awake at night, stressed out about a full refrigerator, trying to figure out who I can invite over for dinner to avoid having to throw stuff out. (Email me if you want to be put on the short list.) I’m not really sure where this comes from. Maybe I’m just cheap, or maybe my experiment with vegetable gardening has scarred me for life – “I just nurtured that little broccoli plant like only a mama can, and THAT’S ALL I GET??” Either way, tossing produce in the waste can feels to me like ripping off a fingernail…


Ice Cream-Filled Jack-o-Lanterns

So I guess I’ve been holding out on you a bit. In response to the overwhelming demand from Seattle Palate readers for more information about SUE!, I never mentioned that she has a sister. Lynn:). She gets a happy face because she is the best. Lynn:) is caring and nurturing and funny and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. (Though she did recently flat out threaten to boycott Seattle Palate if she didn’t get a mention soon.)…

rhubarb recipe

Rhubarb & Orange Crumble

The saving grace is that this must be the ideal climate for growing rhubarb, because it’s everywhere! There’s one plot at my local P-Patch that is almost entirely consumed by the gorgeous ruby stalks topped with huge fan-like deep green leaves. Even in the early spring months when everything else looked sort of bleak in the garden, the rhubarb was going like gang busters….

seattle tulip festival

Tulip Festival!

I am consistently surprised (and a little bummed) that it’s not my culinary explorations that readers ask me about. It’s SUE!. That’s right. Apparently most of the Seattle Palate followers read it for the SUE! stories. I can’t say I blame them. The funny thing is that they don’t believe that she actually exists. It’s as if she’s intriguing like the Sasquatch, jovial like Santa, and benevolent like the Tooth Fairy – all wrapped up in a Vera Bradley bag-toting second grade teacher. As if I could possible conjure up such a character!…

hot and sour soup recipe

Hot & Sour Soup

And from that day forth, we were all chinese food fans. We ordered a wide range of foods there: chicken with broccoli, beef with broccoli, and shrimp with broccoli. (I never said we were an adventurous bunch.) If I was a betting woman, I’d say those are still my parents’ top picks. Though maybe not the beef so much – red meat, you know, gotta keep it healthy…


Still Faster in the Kitchen

I have the second half of those great Kitchen Tips that are going to make us all more efficient in twenty-ten. But. First I have to tell you that even though it’s only mid-January, I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel known as the Seattle winter. And it’s called tulips.


Seattle Palate’s Last Minute Gifts for Cooks

Well just in case you are stumped for what to buy, and a Department 56 Village just won’t do, I offer a few of my favorite kitchen essentials for the foodie on your list (in no particular order). Many of these are tried and true staples of my kitchen. Some are too cute to pass by for the cook who already has everything. And some I’m just lusting over. (Santa, hopefully you’re a Seattle Palate reader!) Enjoy, and happy shopping!…