Better Ice Cubes

Hey Kids! Just a quickie for you today because it’s the holidays and I’m busy as a bee getting ready. Of course I’m never too busy to make chicken stock, and I just cooked up a big pot of it the other day. I ended up with about 15 cups of the liquid gold, and it’s neatly Tupperware-ed up in quart increments in the freezer for easy access.

The thing is, so often you only need ¼ cup of chicken stock, and it’s a waste to thaw out a big container of it (or pop a full can or carton). So when I make stock, I freeze a few ice cube trays filled with the broth. When frozen, simply transfer them to a zip-top bag. (Just be sure to stick the ice cube trays straight into the dishwasher or else you end up with broth-flavored water ice cubes in your iced tea. Not delicious.) I measured my ice cube trays, and know that each ice cube is 2 tablespoons. Then when I need just a tablespoon or two for a pan sauce or dinner recipe, I can grab the equivalent in stock cubes and thaw.

This trick works great with all sorts of leftovers from apple juice to tomato paste. You can even freeze berries in juice or water to make fancy party ice cubes for iced tea or summery drinks. So get cubing!

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